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RentalHawk has given our company more exposure to the public, and at the same time made it easier for the customer to view a more detailed list of equipment we have to offer. We have seen our Rental Revenue Increase Considerably since signing up with RentalHawk. It has been a pleasure working with RentalHawk.
- Clairemont Equipment
Great service! The company I reserved online through delivered the equipment on time and at a better rate than my previous rental company. I will be using again and again.
- Baja Builders
I would recommend you implement immediately with your estimators, Project Managers, Superintendents, and Foremen. Camco Pacific has seen exceptional benefits from this service both in order tracking as well as finding which Rental Company has what we need across the US.
- Camco Pacific Construction
I think you've made the missing part in the rental world. Although not every rental company is ready for "digital rental", still I think in the near future applications like this can make the difference. I hope your plans to come over to Europe are still there.
- The Rental Group
Thank you for your research and recommendations...your assistance makes my search simple...appreciate your help!
- US Fish and Wildlife Service

Save time and Reserve Online!

Reserving a piece of equipment online has never been easier. Calling around to several different rental companies only to find out they don't have what you're looking for is a thing of the past.
How to Find a Rental Company
You can use our Browse by Location feature to find a rental company near you, or you can search for a rental company using our Search by Location tool above.
How to Find a Piece of Equipment
If you've already selected a rental company, you can simply view their inventory to see what they've got in stock. If not, you can use our Browse Equipment feature to find the right tool for the job.
How to Reserve Online
Once you've found your nearby rental company and selected a piece of equipment, simply fill out the form on the reservation page and click Reserve It! It's FREE and there is no obligation to rent the item, it's just like putting it on hold. The rental company will then contact you regarding your request.

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What RentalHawk Does For You

What is RentalHawk?
RentalHawk provides you with the Rental Company of Your Choice in Seconds! We'll display their Inventory, Location, Consumer Reviews, and what they generally charge. It's fast, it's free and easy to use. Welcome to your one stop tool rental and equipment rental resource.

Our dedicated staff members are constantly on the search for new rental equipment companies. We make sure that we're on top of any new developments in the construction equipment rental industry. At RentalHawk our goal is to make the search for proper equipment less complicated.
How it works..
Simply specify your location and start browsing! Whether you're looking for a CAT dealer in your area or any other tool rental company, we have tons of listings for you. At RentalHawk we make sure to update our listings regularly. In this way we are able to offer you the most comprehensive collection of equipment rentals out there. We help you to compare listings, choose the one that suits you best and instantly order online. It couldn't be simpler.

When you find company that looks promising, you have the opportunity to view their inventory, location, consumer reviews and cost. We make sure you have ALL the information you could possibly need to make an informed decision.

At RentalHawk we eliminate all of the stress from the renting process. The companies we list are all companies you can trust, that's our promise to you. We make sure you know everything there is to know about a specific company so that you don't deal with overcharging, low quality, poor service or any other problem you may have encountered in the past.
Is it really that easy?
If you're looking for a tool rental or equipment rental company, you've probably dealt with some pretty stressful situations. You might have had trouble finding who has the items you need, or you may have dealt with an equipment rental company that has not given you the service you expected meanwhile not knowing if you're being overcharged. We are here to help you find what you need and from companies you can trust.

You no longer have to page through hundreds of local ads and you no longer have to sit behind your computer screen scrolling through thousands of internet search results. RentalHawk takes all the effort out of the equipment rental process. We make tool rental and equipment rental problems disappear. RentalHawk is a network of equipment rental companies bringing together all of the best in the business on one simple, easy to navigate website.
Equipment rental made simple!
These days equipment rentals can be a little tricky. Rental equipment tends to be expensive if you don't know where to look, and you might end up paying a small fortune for equipment rentals that aren't even slightly worth it in the end. You want quality, you desire affordability and you most definitely need reliability. It's not always as simple as opening up your local directory and selecting the first appropriate sounding company on the list. You could end up phoning various different equipment rental companies only to find that they don't offer the equipment you need, are no longer in business, have relocated or simply don't sound professional enough for your liking.

RentalHawk makes tool rental and equipment rental less stressful. We help you to find the rental equipment you need in the price range you're looking for.
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